Vendor Set Up Info

Event Location is at the South Quad on the CSUCI campus April 26th from 7am - 12pm 
1st Race, Kids Zone and Resource Fair Starts at 7am.

We will be handing out Treasure Maps to kids at the ASVC Booth this year (Donation Area), which encourages them to go around with their families to various locations all over the expo. The map includes the requirement to visit with 6 Resource Booths. Each booth will be given 1-2 stamps to use to stamp one of the booth spots on the Treasure Map. When kids return their completed maps to the Donation booth, they can choose a prize.

Each Booth location will be provided with a 6'table and 2 chairs, please bring anything else you need for your booth. All booths need to have sand bags or weights for your tent, it tends to get windy in the Quad.

Saturday Set Up is from 2-6pm we highly recommend you coming to drop off your booth materials on Saturday, things are safe to leave in the quad overnight.

Set Up Sunday 5-6:30am You will be able to pull into a loading area to unload your booth right outside the Quad on Sunday morning as long as you arrive before 6am.  (please have your booth ready by 7am, we will have participants arriving by then or earlier)

NO one can drive onto the grass in the Quad, you can pull up near the expo if you arrive before 6am on Sunday or arrive on Saturday.  Otherwise you will need to unload in the parking lot and wheel in.

Booths should remain staffed until noon and be cleared out by 1pm.

Please note all booths will be along the walkway around the quad.  This will allow all booths to be ADA accessible and hopefully will increase foot traffic for all of the booths.  We hope you have a wonderful time at this year's Aut2Run.

Exhibitor Parking is in Lot A10 Parking Map Link

If you need to share any info with your staff everything is also listed on the web-site here.